Carvin HH1 2015 – Gunmetal Grey Metallic Satin

$ 1600.00

A typical story. Life changing event-need money-getting older-can’t take it with you-guitar sale.

One of my several HH2s. It has never been a working guitar. Rather played by a passionate hobbyist and always treated as a the special treat that it is. Except for basic setup to insure intonation and preferences of little relief and low action, everything is as its original configuration. Even to the original 9 gauge strings.

An early era HH2 sold by Carvin at the time. Chambered by default during this era. Essentially a Steinberger guitar as Carvin used JCustom bridges and headpieces, also used on later Steinbergers, before transitioning to Hipshot hardware under Kiesel. I’ve never ABed a newer Hipshot HH2 against a JCustom HH2, but can vouch for the JCustom S-trem or fixed bridge’s playability. Sleek and unobtrusive, they have identical form and feel. A quality heavy solid bridge that is fully adjustable and on the S-trem additionally a floating trem using roller saddles and a ball bearing pivot system which can be locked for fixed bridge usage. The JCustom headpiece allows for Steinberger style double ball or conventional single ball string usage. Found the string clamping for conventional single ball strings difficult for lighter than 9 gauge strings. A zero fret guitar. So some pros and cons there. Extreme bending using lighter strings at the lower frets can cause some pinging as the string can shift about on the zero fret. Never been too much of an issue for me, but your mileage may vary with. A reason that there are some headless guitars that use a more conventional nut.

Right handed. 5 piece white limba/black limba neck. Chambered one piece swamp ash body with a swamp ash top. Ebony fretboard with jumbo SS frets. JCustom hardtail. Gunmetal grey metallic satin finish on the body. Gunmetal grey metallic satin on the back of the neck. 3 way toggle. Serial number 124928. 5 pounds 5 oz.

Notables is the H22 (22 pole and no longer available) jazz style pickups that were lauded on the H22, HF1 and HF2 guitars. Useful coil split option. The nice locking hardcase with keys is airline overhead bin friendly. Was supposed to be a clear satin finish on the neck, but forgot to check it and the default is to match the body finish. So a bit of an odd look. Played enough/old enough to not be mint but essentially blemish free and in excellent playing shape. What you see with it in the pictures comes with it.

This is the guitar for you if want what is a essentially a Steinberger but additionally has a chambered small and more comfortably shaped body with a beefer, broader neck and flatter radius. Carvin/Kiesel neck and SS jumbo fretwork is always very good and with the flat radius a joy to play fast articulate lines on. An unsung bonus of this body shape is that it can easily be played sitting down in classical style or standing in identical fashion. You’ll notice Allan doing this in made for Carvin videos. Did I mention these guitars are light? Hard to beat the playability and versatility of HH2 guitars…