Carvin DC727 – 7-String – Emerald Green – Pre-Kiesel Build

$ 1800.00

This is a Pre-Kiesel Carvin build (with original hard-shell case included). I’m not sure on the exact year, but probably late 2000s. This one still has the non-pointy Carvin headstock. These are now discontinued. Everything is original. Get a piece of Carvin history on this one! 

Truss rod and frets have lots of life left in them. The neck and action are nice and fast. 

Guitar is in good condition. It’s got 4 minor dings (all pictured):
– finish chip on the headstock
– finish chip on the bottom (backside)
– finish scratch on the back of the heel joint
– small indentation at the volume knob

A couple cool features of this one:
– Mini switches for splitting each coil
– Sperzel Locking Tuners

DM me if you would like more pics or if I can answer any questions.