Carvin DC100 1981 Black

$ 850.00

Carvin DC100 Black 1981 

  • Sleek Black, Eastern Hard Rock Maple body and neck with Rosewood Fretboard. Carvin stopped using Rosewood in 1981, per Carvin Museum data. 
  • Carvin M22 Humbucking Pickups
  • German Schaller Tuners, bridge and tailpiece.
  • Brass Nut, very cool, with, great resonance/tone/clarity
  • All original, in very good shape some minor dings and small scratches, very hard to see in photo’s.  
  • Full copper shielding surrounding electronics cavity.  
  • Truss Rod clean and works well.
  • Frets are in great shape.
  • The beautiful Rosewood fretboard is in great shape, just cleaned and added her ‘moisturizer’, lol. The rosewood fretboard, adds a beautiful ’rounded’ out sound and coupled with the brass nut, produces dynamite tones with great versatility. 
  • Well maintained guitar, better than ole grandpappy.
  • Comes with soft leather strap, and original Hard Case.  I’ll add the pics of the case tomorrow.