Carvin Bolt Sienna Burst

$ 665.00

Got a beautiful and pretty unique piece up for sale here. This is a lovely Carvin Bolt with a rare finish. Carving actually used to do this finish on the few production runs of the bolt that they made but that is not what this guitar had to begin with. I fell in love with the Sienna burst and had a local luthier refinish the guitar and do a matching finish on the headstock. I have no idea how he was able to preserve the Carvin logo on the headstock but he did. He also signed his name beside it to show that the finish was not original and that he was the one who did it. His signature is under the clearcoat so it will not rub off. I personally think it’s really cool. About the guitar…

If you have never played a Carvin you are missing out… This neck is extremely fast and the fingerboard is Ebony. It has sperzel locking tuners (hard to see in pic but it’s there…) and has the Wilkinson/Gotoh VS100N bridge. The bridge alone runs over $100 online and is one of the best tremolos I have ever used. The guitar has two original Carvin pick ups. One in the neck and one in the middle position. There is a Seymour Duncan and the bridge and for the life of me I cannot remember which one it is. It does sound great though… The same person who refinished the guitar is the person who installed that pick up. They also installed a switch that allows you to switch the bridge pup between series and parallel for drastic tone differences and allows you to split the bridge pick up between Humbucker and single coil.

The guitar plays like a dream and is absolutely fantastic. I will be sad to see this one go but I am saving up for something very special. The original hard case with Carvin logo is included.