Carvin Bolt S Style 2000 – Sunburst

$ 564.00

This guitar is an excellent quality. There are no scratches no dents no indentations no damage anywhere. There was a little wearing of the color on the bridge, so I replaced it . Made in the USA at the Carvin custom shop. If you’re not familiar with Carvins, this is every bit, the equal, of the USA production top-of-the-line Strat .. This has a Seymour Duncan hot rail in the bridge , a Dimarzio cruiser in the bridge position & a Dimarzio single coil in the middle . I switched it around from the way they had it set up as an HHS when I first received it .position one is now the bridge position 2 is the bridge and the neck position three is the neck position 4 is the neck and the middle .position five is the middle ..Really nice sounds in all five positions. This has had a nice refret ($500.) with Stainless steel frets and the Luthier did a nice job , plays excellent all the way up and down the board, there is no fret wear fret edges are smooth .Alder body ,maple neck, really nice ebony fingerboard. The neck and body are in excellent shape , The locking tuners still work very well. The bridge is new . Will ship Reverb insured. Does not come with the case. For $39, I will ship in a fender Gig bag.

If you want the Fender elite case I have it in let me know I will add $124 to the price..