Carvin AE185 1997 Cherry Sunburst

$ 1225.00

Acoustic- Electric hybrid. Mahogany neck-thru construction. Sperzel locking tuners. 2-way truss rod. Ebony fingerboard. MOP dot position markers. Black hardware. Piezo acoustic- style bridge pickup for acoustic sounds with dedicated tone control. Blend control to mix with electric output. Can run in mono with a single 1/4” cable or run in stereo with the electric output going to your electric rig and the acoustic output into the house system or acoustic amp. The stereo sound is where the magic happens. The electric sounds are delivered through 2 Carvin humbuckers with a dedicated 3-position switch, coil tap switches for each pickup and a phase switch. Separate tone control for electric side. Master volume controls  both signal paths. Pickups sound great and have adjustable pole pieces, including poles between the strings to keep consistent volume when bending strings. Top is gorgeous curly maple. Body “wings” are alder with the upper bout hollowed out with an f-hole. 25” scale length. 24 frets. Minimal fret ware. Faux tortoiseshell binding looks cool.

Huge tonal palette on tap. Electric sounds like a cross between a Les Paul and an ES335, with lots of fenderesque sounds available via the coil taps and phase switch. Blending in the acoustic voice really fattens out the sound and it’s easy to move back and forth between straight electric and straight acoustic sounds for songs that require those kinds of transitions.

There are two screws between the bridge and the bridge pickup. The previous owner mounted a synth pickup, something I was considering, as well. All neatly done, just left the mounting screws instead of filling the holes.

Nice tweed hard shell case.

Players note: l have played and enjoyed Carvin neck-through guitars for decades. I have a tendency to manhandle the maple neck guitars, but the mahogany neck is a bit more flexible and requires slightly lighter approach. Intonation and stability are great and guitar was recently set up by Bright Guitars in  Bellingham. But, if you’re a gorilla with your guitars, you should be prepared to lighten your approach or look for a maple neck model. These guitars can be purchased brand new from Keisel, though they don’t have the same features that I love on this one. Similar new instrument will run about twice the $ as this one.