The Beast by B.C Rich (2010) Black finish

$ 795.00

You are viewing an B.C. Rich Beast Electric Guitar in Black Finish. This item has been professionally set up by our in house guitar technicians to play and sound its best. The “Beast” is the beast of heavy metal and with its locking tremolo the Beast can play a great variety of songs. We were able to learn some facts of this guitar from the serial number (SR#11102087. Made in Korea) through B.C. Rich guitars serial number guide (on their website.) We can roughly get the year, 2010. On B.C. Rich’s website it says the “10” is the last two digits for the year, thus giving us the approximate year of 2010. The “Beast” series is one of B.C. Rich’s most popular guitars making this guitar more sought after and rare. This guitar will come with the hard shell case shown in the photos. We would say this guitar is in very good condition. There’s the usual amount of wear and tear due to its age, some nicks and scratches and some finish damage. There is also a dent on one of the 4 limbs of the guitar. Please review the photos to see the cosmetic condition of the guitar.

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