MIJ BC Rich Warlock 1986-87

$ 999.00

Northwest Vintage Guitars brings you a 1986-1987 BC Rich Warlock with the rare lever lock Floyd Rose, bird beak headstock, and early nut lock.  This is an uncommon version for sure.  The Curved bird beak shaped headstock was a 1986 feature with a Kahler trem unit, but by early 87 the Floyd Rose style tremolos dominated the BC Rich Japan lineup.  

The nut measures 1.64″, the 1st fret depth is .79″, and it grows to .89″ at the 12th on a sleek Oval C carve.  The jumbo frets are freshly polished and they play reletively cleanly up and down the fretboard with low action.   There’s a little buzzing here and there, but no dead spots and really a pleasure to play and it stays in tune. 

The Seymour Duncan bridge pickup reads 14.2 and it can take your head off while cleaning up very nicely with clean warn highs and punchy lows.  The neck pickup reads 11.5 ohms and has a hot PAF tonality with warmth and a distinct woodiness.  They are a great match.

There’s a few bumps and bruises, but she wears them well.  Some of the biggest dings and chips have been filled and she has scattered scratches and polishing marks as pictured.  Overall a 10 from 10 feet away and even closer in a dimly lit bar late at night.  You know the scenario. 

Comes safely packed and fully insured in the Schecter padded soft case in the photos.  

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