BCR – JrV NJ DLX – Onyx

$ 1199.00

Rare Model – BCR JrV NJ DLX with reverse hockey stick headstock.

These NJDs are rare themselves, but this particular one is more so. They only made this model with the hockey stick headstock for the first year then switched to the more “dagger” looking headstocks for the rest of the NJD run. These don’t show up very often…

Minty fresh condition, one tiny chip on the back of the guitar by the cavity plate that can’t be seen (see pic). Corners and points are all mint. No rust, Floyd is in great shape. Plays like butter, holds tune and has literally 0 neck dive. One of the most comfortable guitars I have ever played standing up.

Mahogany body and neck

Ebony Fretboard

Active EMG 81/85 pups

Original Floyd Rose locking trem

Hipshot Open Gear locking tuners

*Original tuners were replaced with Hipshot, Open Gear locking tunners (see pic). These were installed with no damage to the guitar and she can be reversed back to the stock Grovers (not included) if desired.

*Strap and case not included. Rest assured she will be packed VERY well for her journey!