BC Rich Warlock NJ DLX LTD #19 of 20

$ 2199.00


Super rare BCR Warlock NJ DLX LTD in Walnut Burl.

These were a special limited run of only 20 guitars made to commemorate the beloved BC Rich NJ DLX line of guitars. This one is number 19 of 20. See specialty serial number in pics.

Another thing that sets this apart from the regular NJ DLX guitars is the stock, built in boost (toggle switch). Not exactly sure how many Db it raises, but it is certainly noticable when activated!

Absolutely mint condition with almost no playtime. No scuffs, cracks, scratches or dents. Everything is perfect. 😍 Still has the plastic peel on the back cavity plates.

Includes a beastly giant molded ABS BC Rich branded hardcase. Pretty sure you could chuck this case off a third story balcony and your axe would be just fine 😂. I found a nice scale pattern strap that I thought matches the guitar pretty well that I will throw in the box also. (see last pic)

Plays like butter, holds tune very well, looks like a million bucks.

NOTE – This is a very rare collectors item and is more or less an investment.

These are niche guitars due to them being next to impossible to aquire VS the high demand for them. It’s not something really ment for everyday playing, practicing, touring or the like.

Of course if you buy it, you can butter your toast with it, or do whatever the hell you want 😜.

She will be packed VERY well for her journey, with insurance and signature required.