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Are you a metal monster looking for your next axe? Time to stand out with one of the most unconventional guitar shapes around: the edgy BC Rich Warlock. This 2002 model has definitely stood the test of time. We cleaned it up and set it up with some fresh strings, and it’s looking GREAT. Frets show initial signs of wear, but have years and years of life left in them. The nut has chipped in two pieces, but the actual string grooves are strong enough that this shouldn’t affect playability. Average pick scratches and belt-buckle scratches can be seen up-close on the front and back finish, plus a few nicks around the edges. The bottom right “point” of the body has a chip missing from the finish. See photos to illustrate any imperfections.

Playability, this guitar feels and plays great. Nice, low action. A solid, unique, reliable guitar at an affordable price. Comes with a nice generic gig bag.

Guitar weighs approximately 8lbs

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