BC Rich The Dagger 2007 – Rare Crimson Red Gloss

$ 1199.00

Collectors Alert!

Extremely rare and simply stunning “The Dagger” hollow body guitar in Crimson Red with pointy headstock and Bigsby Trem!

Includes hardshell case.

You never see these daggers with this style of headstock, or in this color!

Excellent condition, no issues/no problems.

Bridge has been recently upgraded to a Schaller roller bridge. Set up with Elixir Polywebs in 9 – 46.

She plays as well as she looks! The Bigs is stable and holds tune surprisingly well.

This gorgeous girl is a head turner wherever she goes. Be prepared for plenty of “wow’s” and “holy 💩’s” as she forces admiration from everyone in her presence.

She’s a big girl with a hollow body and has excellent sustain and tone. The size is close to a ES-355 but she is just a little bit smaller.

Very comfortable neck with little to no neck dive when standing up. Stock BCR pups sound surprisingly well also.

If you’re into rare BCRs, then this is for you.

*Strap not included.

She will be packed very well for her journey!