BC Rich Invisibolt IT Speed V KKV Upgraded Guitarheads Alnico Supreme 5-piece neck Switchcraft MIK

$ 699.00

For sale a mid 2000s Hanser era BC Rich Invisibolt Speed V. This is the only non Official Kerry King Signature and non USA Speed V BC Rich Produced. The guitar has extremely sweet tone with the mahogany body and alnico pickups for some sweet aggresive-Gibson like tones. I’d call the fretwork Japanese quality, it is well above the average Korean playability, the action is so low and is buzzless.  Non Kerry King Speed V’s are hard to get a hold of and this was a limited run model with laser flame. BC Rich still doesn’t make a current run of Speed V’s so this is one model for history. 

Small nicks across the body 

Guitarheads Alnico Supreme Pickups (Much like Rockfield equivalent, overwound alnico pickups)  
Switchcraft output jack 
Ernie Ball Strings