BC Rich Beast NJ Korea 2003 – Glossy black

$ 1006.20

With heavy heart I put on sale this Beast from 2003 made in Korea. I have my eye on a long time dream and this will help me to get it.

This warhorse has been through many battles and it is still going strong! It has some scratches and cracks on the body, but with this guitar we really can’t call them as “faults”.

Battle scars would be a better word as this guitar just oozes “street credibility”. And is an eye catcher of any proud rocker or metal head. With this guitar you walk tall on stage!

This guitar dominates in downtunings and is a true shredders bliss. Plays exceptionally great.

These Beast guitars have been sold here on Reverb lately for 1000-1299€ (manufactured in Korea 2003 & Korea 2011)

This guitar is from 2003, as you can see from the first digit of the serial number.

This was from one of the better eras of BC Rich Korean made guitars. And is excellent quality.

These guitars pop up on sale quite rarely here. Now it’s your chance to get one.

This warhorse has been upgraded with a Schaller “floyd rose” and Grover tuners.

Original BC Rich pickups are restored back to this guitar with care, as this leaves you better option to choose wether change the pickups you prefer more or not.

Also the guitar straps holding point has been shifted by a guitar technician to give the guitar more “playability”, as the original strap holder points notoriously gave the neck too much weight. But if you prefer the original holder point, you can easily change it back.

Original manual and other accessories (see pictures) are included, as is the Rockcase guitar case.

See the pictures to avoid any misunderstandings, thank you.

Please take contact before purchase, even if I offer you a free shipping, I have to agree with you about the shipping conditions more precisely for the benefit of both of us, thanks.

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