B.C. Rich Warlock 90‘s Korea NJ Series original Left handed lefty LH lefthand – Black

$ 1285.72

Selling a Rare Left handed Warlock.
Made in Korea.
Approximately 90‘s or early 2000‘s (not quite sure)

-All original.
-No dings on Horns etc!

Especially with that pointy style of guitar thats very unusual:)

-Deep black and smooth Ebony board.

-On the side there‘s some Caramel colored spots so it looks like royal ebony. Very high grade wood!

You would not find that today even on higher priced instruments.

– very good jumbo frets. Almost no sings of playing

– freshly machine polished frets

– oiled fingerboard.

– medium height set up for 10-52 strings in d-standard.

– neck straight as far as i can tell.

– trussrud working and is beeing set up for recent strings / tuning

– floyd rose set up properly.

(Offcourse during shipping i need to loosen the strings and if you want a lower action with more buzzing for a lighter touch thats up to you)

– knobs and toggle are fine

I‘m beeing very picky here just to be sure we‘re good 👍

See detailed photos for condition.

– I could find 1-2 very small dings i could not even photograph properly. (No laquer chips)

Guitar is 20-30 years old. It is not new by any means.

-Some seem lines show very lightly in the laquer if you put it in the light but you can‘t feel it and its completely normal.

-Fretboard has almost no wood grain except below the lower e-string there‘s a small grain that might look like a crack to somebody but it‘s not. you barely can‘t feel it with your nails and it has been that way since forever.

So no worries. Cosmetically speaking the low e-string hides it anyways.

– on the back some scratches see photos

– very light picking scratches on the common areas

Can be shipped worldwide and safe.
To make shipping affordable and safe i recommend taking of the neck for you!

Its just 4 screws and the neckpocket is cut properly so you can‘t screw it back together wrong.

But i leave it up to you.

Shipping will be insured to the right amount.