B.C. Rich Warlock 2000-2005 – Black and White Tribal

$ 275.00

This is an AWESOME B.C. Rich Warlock that’s been kept in very nice condition. Definitely a survivor as most of these pointy guitars from the early 2000s tend to get pretty beat up. This one has a very clean finish with not too many surface scratches (though with this being a gloss black finish there are some) and almost no buck rash. The standard dings on the ends of the points are there but they’re significantly less severe than usual and are easy to overlook as they’re only on the back edge of the instrument. Not even the plastic on the electronics control cavity cover has been pulled off. It is very much a survivor.

This guitar has been freshly run through. Electronics all work as expected and pots have been cleaned with De-Oxit. The neck has been oiled, truss rod moves comfortably, all bridge components work as expected. fresh elixer strings have been put on this instrument. This thing plays great, sounds great, and looks great! What else could you ask for? Ready to ROCK!