B.C. Rich VG-1 2008 – Satin Vintage White

$ 600.00

This is a professionally restored guitar.

This 2008 VG-1 is very rare, there are currently none others on Reverb. They are going for between 500-800 on eBay.

This is a very nice axe. The body has been professionally refinished in satin vintage white and looks factory new. The hardware has been cleaned via ultrasonic cleaner and is nearly perfect factory chrome, sparkling and shiny. The headstock has been re-polished to near-factory condition.

The neck has been cleaned and the frets have been leveled, crowned, and polished to a mirror finish. The frets play amazing. The guitar is setup to factory specs – 4/64″ action, perfect intonation, correct pickup height, truss rod relief of .010 – everything is perfectly dialed.

All original parts have been retained and reused where possible. Only the chrome screws and tone capacitor have been replaced. The new tone cap is a Fender .47 and sounds warm, clear, and combined with a B500K linear tone pot gives huge tonal range.

The pickups are classic BC Rich passive high-output humbuckers. Combined with the heavy, thick agathis body the tone is classic metal and sounds great with gain boosters, treble boosters, heavy distortion, and bluesy warm tones.

You just won’t find a nicer example of this guitar vintage than this one. It plays perfect.

I’m really tempted to keep this one in my personal collection!