B.C. Rich USA – ST-III 1987 – White with Brush Stroke Graphics

$ 1345.00

B.C. Rich American made ST-III from 1987. This has a brush stroke graphic that was not featured in any catalog, so who knows how many of these were actually made. Please look at all the pictures to see the various cosmetic issues it has. Plays and sounds amazing…And what a neck!

  • Original Ibanez Edge Tremolo Made in Japan
  • DiMarzio Super Distortion
  • Well padded B.C. Rich soft carry case (this case is huge, and will require a taller box, hence the higher shipping rate)
  • Glows under black light – Will look amazing on stage

I do a basic setup on the guitars I sell:

  • Clean the entire body Done 5/21/24
  • Clean and oil (rosewood or ebony only) the fretboard Done 5/21/24
  • Polish the frets Done 5/21/24
  • New set of Ernie Ball Slinky 10’s – Done 5/21/24
  • Tune to E Standard Done 5/21/24
  • Set the Intonation
  • I set the bridge level with body Done 5/21/24
  • Set the bridge/string height Done 5/21/24
  • Set the bridge pickup height Done 5/21/24
  • Adjust truss rod if necessary
  • I do not stretch the strings

Packing and Shipping

  • I always loosen the strings and support the tremolo
  • Special care is given to protect the headstock, especially if it is tilt-back
  • I wrap any accessories away from the guitar
  • Guitars I ship without a case get completely bubble wrapped and then surrounded by padding inside the guitar shipping box.
  • I draw arrows on the box so the carrier does not transport upside down.
  • I always ship using Reverb Protection via UPS Ground.

I do not always take pictures of the neck pocket. Almost every vintage bolt-on neck guitar has small cracks in the paint in that area. If that is something that you care about, then ask me to look and send pics. Otherwise, just expect it.

The majority find my setups to be just right, and playable without any professional intervention. This setup may not be to your specifications, however. If it does not feel right to you, please consider a full setup to get the guitar dialed in to your preferences.

Please see my feedback and know that you are in good hands.

Photos are part of the description. Check out my other guitars for sale.