B.C. Rich ST III 1987 Super Strat with the ultra rare Kahler Steeler Tremolo

$ 3491.78

I can do a better price on collection so please message me first and we’ll work out a price. Postage includes insurance

Video demo is of the actual guitar, recorded very low through a tablet. Apologies for the sloppy playing, it was cold.😂

Selling my B.C. Rich STIII from 1987 when B.C. Rich hadn’t sold out and guitars were made by hand.

Unsure of details about this one as BC Rich were renowned for wacky coke fuelled binges when working on guitars, former employees words, not mine.

It is from 1987 and was from a collector in the USA. It could be a refinish or a custom order from the factory which was also very common back then in a sick metallic green. I just don’t know and never really cared to be honest. I just enjoyed playing it.

Made by hand in the USA with the rare neck thru version and the even rarer Kahler Steeler with the brass block that directly allows the trem arm to screw in. Later Kahlers had a different setup and feel. These tremolo’s if you can find one fetch a lot of money.

Pickups are not original but sound better than the original. The single coils are weird to adjust, probably different screws. The middle one is on a weird angle. This is the 2nd one I’ve owned in my life and this one sounds way better. I’ve noticed that the neck thru versions seem to like heavier gauge strings with the action a little higher than the bolt on neck version. Both the ones I’ve owned were the same. The 5 way switch is from position 1 to 5, Bridge, Bridge and Neck, Neck, Middle and Neck and then middle in position 5. Much more playable like a Tele or Les Paul setup and then the bonus of the middle pickup.

Probably more suited to a collector or someone that has strong hands as it’s like playing a Fender Stratocaster with heavy strings. I believe it’s 25 1/2 gauge. Body wood is most likely Honduran Mahogany with a maple neck thru and I reckon it’s Brazilian Rosewood. I can’t confirm this about the wood but is my educated guess.

Included is an SKB waterproof TSA approved flight case and a bag of spare original parts including the truss rod cover, trem claw, volume/tone knobs and truss rod tool. Volume and tone knobs are Gibson. I never liked the originals. Pots are CTS vintage taper 500k. Brass locking trem claw did wonders for this guitar. Slight paint cracking in the usual lock nut position. It happens in stress positions on many different guitars. Sold as is due to it being a nearly 40 year old hand made guitar there is some bumps here and there and may not be perfect like a CNC machined guitar. Ernie Ball strap locks included