B.C. Rich ST-III 1987 – Cream Crackle

$ 1635.00

Basically put way too much work into this one. Hoping it finds a good home. This was my back up guitar for the 2024 BALL & CHAIN jan/feb tour.


Stress cracks by neck joint

finish imperfections pictured above

no back plates, the battery to the vintage EMG installed is loosey goosey.

Pointy dings pictured above.

Neck and middle pickup are NOT wired. These electronics were not working when purchased from last seller and i’ve wired straight to the bridge, however All components were left inside in case you’d like to play surgeon. Coil tap switches don’t do dick but feel good to fidget with on stage.


Floyd rose blocks have been replaced with high quality ones after some walnut put too big of blocks in the saddles. Hammered metal plates back in to make sure the fitted blocks will not slide through the bottom of the saddle.

classic EMG 81 has replaced whatever cheap hum-bucker was previously thrown into this.

This shreds. Hit me w/ an offer. Ships in a 2024 Yamaha gig back.