B.C. Rich Platinum series 7 string warlock 2000s – Black

$ 325.11

Here is a Bc rich warlock 7 string that has been sitting for in a storage room for a few years and now I’m moving it needs a new home

This guitar was fun for years but now I don’t play as much this is one of a few guitars I’m selling

As you can see in the pictures somethings have been done to this guitar, the big thing is I put passive emg pick ups in it and wired it to have one volume control with a piece or tape over the hole for the tone control

Also when I bought the guitar the last owner tried to paint the edge of the guitar red with nail polish but only did half so when I got it I finished it of (my girlfriend at the time didn’t apprecited it too much)

Also the back of the guitar you will notice there isn’t any covers for the cavity’s they have been lost over time and so have the springs for the term system (I just don’t like trems) but it is blocked off

This guitar is only for local pick up but can be delivered by me for a price or met half way, and there is no case for it