B.C. Rich NJ STIII 1989 – Glitter Rock White

$ 649.00

This one wants to be played.

1988-1990 ish Korean made NJ STIII In glitter rock white.

Fresh strings, springs and setup With 11-46 gauge Ernie ball slinkies.

Looks to be a Dimarzio super distortion in the bridge.

the floyd rose is the “String through” style so no need to Ever cut your strings and it’s way easier to change one on the fly.

Plays nice, sounds great, and has just some light wear from 35 ish years of play. I tried to get all the knicks in the paint and the couple in the fretboard in the pics. None of them effect playability. from 5 feet away you can’t see most of it.

Includes a gig bag, a trem arm of proper size but mismatched chrome finish, and dunlop strap locks, also in chrome.

I’ve enjoyed this one. Your turn