B.C. Rich Mockingbird Pro X 2008-2012 Black Shadow EMG BC Rich

$ 1150.00

BC Rich Mockingbird Pro X- the good one with Ebony fretboard and EMGs. There are no scratches, dings, pings, hazing or scuffing on the guitar, looking about as good as a black satin finished guitar will ever look. The only thing to really note is some low E side tarnish/wear to the floyd saddles, the horror. Replacing them would bring it to “mint” if such a thing exists in an unboxed and lightly played guitar. Set up in Eb with a level and low trem, ready to shred, though it could use some new strings. The action is low and buzz free. If you are looking for one of these you won’t find one in better condition in the near future. Comes with the Roadrunner branded case shown that fits these modern Mockingbirds very well. 

Will ship to continental US only.