B.C. Rich Mockingbird NJ neckthru 1983 MIJ flat mount kahler

$ 1499.00

The neckthru NJs are hard to find in this color and condition. Made in Nagoya Japan (NJ series) the first “official” year of NJ series production, in 1986 BC Rich moved production of the NJ to Korea for cost savings but kept the NJ series branding for 3 decades. Japan made BC Rich’s are very hard to find only being produced for around 5yrs with the bulk of production taking place from 1983-1985 and are the first import BC Rich guitars made.

This Mockingbird is very clean with no point damage and a few dents in the top not to the wood. The previous owner filled the holes of the original quad bridge and put some other hardtail bridge with many screws. So I opted for a flat mount kahler, no trem action but you do have the fine tuners. Unfortunately the original hole patches show a bit but less noticable, Grover imperials and a Seymour JB in the bridge have been added.

Original case and pickup included.

 I’ve done my best to capture the condition in photos, feel free to inquire with any questions you might have.

 I use reverbs shipping for the added protection, all guitars are packed well in quality shipping boxes.