B.C. Rich Mockingbird Bought from Andy’s, Denmark Street 1977 – Black

$ 7689.47

I bought the guitar from Andy’s in Demark Street,London, in 1977. It shows signs of use because I have gigged with it for many years. The finish is crackled and in a few places is down to the wood. Personally, I think it adds character to the instrument so I have not had the body refinished. Whoever buys it might want to do this. It has the older strap lock system attached. Unlike the newer Riches, it has a straight through neck and is very light. I have not played it for a while so it would need a set up to suit the purchaser. It’s secret weapons are the two D’Matzio humbucking pick ups. It is fantastic when it is cranked up through a decent amp. The only reason I am selling it is a lack of free space in the secure storage where I keep my guitars. It is a great instrument!