B.C. Rich Ironbird w/ Floyd Rose 2023 Legacy MK1 Guitar w/ Official Hardshell Case Warlock Beast Diezel Engl Marshall Peavey

$ 1750.00

No trades!

Pick up available.

Selling this Excellent Ironbird with Official B.C. Rich included.

This case also fits Warlock and Beast models.

Huge upgrade to those Ironbird Prophecy series models. Not even on the same level.

This one is 2023 Legacy model

This guitar is all stock, the only thing I upgraded was the plastic hat style knob. I didn’t like it and replaced it with ‘Gotoh’ brand metal dome knob in black.

The case is dinged up so throwing it in for free. It will protect the guitar but its up to your discretion on buying a new one. The case damage is on the bottom, missing one of the legs. (Pictures attached)

The case closes shut and latches but it is slightly skewed, other than that it keeps the guitar covered and protected. Like I said its a freebie but with this case plus packing and padding guitar should arrive to you safely. Case is more than manageable and a keeper as it is super clean on the inside with no tears, stains or smoke smell.

Guitar will ship with Reverb Shipping Protection for safe arrival guarantee and it will be padded and well protected.

Any questions let me know.

Other than that first come first served.

Thanks for looking.