B.C. Rich Gunslinger II Prophecy 2024 – Black

$ 750.00

I just got this, but ran into another awesome deal on a USA Jackson, so, this one has to go.

BC Rich is BACK.

This Gunslinger is the best BC Rich I’ve played in a very long time.

It came with a dimarzio super distortion, but that has been changed out With a Fishman Fluence Classic Open Core. I will throw in the neck fishman as well.

The fishmans came out of another Jackson I have. I replaced them with Moderns.

The Floyd stays in tune amazingly. Dive bomb and widdly WOO all you want. It’ll come back right where it needs to.

25.5“ scale

14” radius

22 instead of 24 frets for some reason.

Maple neck and fingerboard makes for a SNAPPY tone.

neck thru too!

It has Grover tuners, but that’s not really gonna benefit you with a locking nut… they are nice tuners.

There are no dents, no dings, maybe a very light surface scratch or various signs of use, but the most I handled it was to install the fishman And set it up.

The knob is a push/pull that controls voice 1 & 2

No case, but will be double boxed up.



Thanks for looking, what you see is what you get.