B.C. Rich Draco Ghost Flame V – White Ghost Flames

$ 1999.00

Considered to be the most metal guitar of all time, offered here is the B.C. Rich Draco Ghost Flame V!

Upgraded electronics include a Seymour Duncan Dimebucker in the bridge, a CTS 500k master volume with push-pull splitter functionality. This is a REAL Duncan, as these originally had those Duncan Designed Invader style pickups in it. While original electronics were OK, this thing just screams now!

She features a Floyd Rose system and, possibly the best feature of all, these amazing Ghost Flames! Shes light as a feather, and is a fast player.

Youll notice in the pictures, all of the points are in great shape and free of damage, which is a rarity for pointy Flying Vs. Shes never been gigged and comes from a smoke free home. I tried to get pics of any signs of wear I could find.

I purchased her new 10-15 years ago, and just no longer play metal. I never play her anymore, and I think its time for her to go to a new home. Sorry, I do not have a case for her. These never come up for sale, let alone one in this shape. Act now!