B.C. Rich Stranger Things “Eddies” NJ Warlock 2022 Relic Crackle

$ 2499.00

Hey there all my fellow Hawkins Shred Fiends! Up for grabs is a brand new MINT B.C. Rich “Stranger Things” Warlock (import model) in the highly desirable red crackle finish! The reason I am selling guitar is because I simply don’t have the room for it! It’s a beast of a player and number 972 out of 2000. This guitar is a serious collectors piece and includes an AMAZING high end BC Rich Gig bag that came with it. 

Also worth noting is that the neck has some serious detail in the grain around the 10th and 11th fret. That is not a stain but actual figuring in the particular piece of wood that was use for the fretboard on this wicked axe 🙂 The frets on this thing are like butter too! SOOOO Smooth!! On a side note Reverb doesn’t recognize the import model so they may list this as a Custom USA model. NOTE: this is not the custom shop USA model but the import model made in India. 

Feel free to Message me if you’d like some more info on the guitar or if you’d prefer to use Venmo or PayPal and thus get a discount.