B.C. Rich Chuck Schuldiner Stealth Black

$ 1750.00

Up for sale is a rare B.C. Rich Chuck Schuldiner Signature model Stealth.  This thing rips and is going to be hard to part with but I have bills to pay.
The previous owner switched out the strap buttons to locking ones, and the locking, self-trimming tuning heads.  I believe they are for a non-reversed headstock because they tighten and loosen the opposite way than usual, but I didn’t have any problems with them and never changed them. the screws holding them in aren’t completely flush, but again I never minded.
The black DiMarzio pickup that comes standard on this model was replaced to the same exact model but in white to match Chuck’s alternate Stealth that he had and turned with.  Also, the wraparound bridge was switched out to black out the guitar completely.  There are some scratches and dings you can see in the pictures but nothing that can be seen from the front and some mild pick rash from tremolo picking. The neck is super fast and feels great. Everything about this guitar is amazing and this is your chance to own one for yourself. Comes with a hardshell case.

B.C. Rich took great care in designing the Chuck Schuldiner Tribute–a Stealth guitar that can proudly represent Chuck’s legacy and the indelible mark he left on the death metal genre. Chuck played several B.C. Rich guitar models throughout his short but meaningful career. The most recognized of them had to be his black single pickup, neck-through Stealth guitar. In purposeful style, Chuck laid down many creative and ferocious riffs on his B.C. Rich guitars that launched him into metal icon status.

Neck-Through Construction

B.C. Rich is known as one of the pioneers in neck through construction. They use it on many of their guitars, because it provides the best possible sustain, resonance, comfort and access to higher frets. Neck-through has long been considered the premium construction method for high-end guitars. This construction starts with a long piece (or pieces) of premium North American maple. That piece runs from the tip of the headstock to the strap button on the opposite end of the guitar. This means that the headstock, fingerboard, pickups and bridge all are mounted to this single sound foundation. Sonically it is a difference you can hear. The neck-through construction also allows more of the body and neck to be cut away at the neck joint, which provides comfort no bolt-on or set-neck could offer. You will find the neck through feature on all top of the line B.C. Rich models.

DiMarzio X2N

The X2N is a “take-no-prisoners, in-your-face” humbucker. Twin, wide-bar pole pieces give the X2N a nasty, dangerous look-and rightly so. Our highest gain pickup was created to push tube amps into total overdrive. Put one in the bridge position for a powerful jolt to the voltage the amp sees from your guitar. The result is a sound that can only be described as blistering. The magnetic field of the X2N is very powerful and focused. It captures the character of whichever guitar it’s in. If your guitar is warm sounding, the X2N will act like a sledgehammer. A bright-sounding guitar will go into total scream mode. And the X2N still has versatility: single-coil and series-parallel modes are particularly effective, because the X2N pickup’s power gives these sounds more authority than is possible with weaker humbuckers. Recommended For: Bridge position on solid body guitars. Tech Talk: The X2N works in any situation where maximum power and overdrive is required. The dual blade polepieces create a very even, balanced sound. The X2N works best in combination with higher-output pickups. It can also combine well with the Fast Track 1, Chopper and Pro Track. The split option is very effective, because a single X2N coil has similar performance parameters to many Strat-type pickups

Construction: neck-through
Body wood: alder
Top style: bevel top
Tuners: Planet Waves Locking and Self trimming Tuners
Fretboard: ebony
Frets: 24 jumbo
Scale: 24-5/8″
Bridge: Wraparound
Pickup: Dimarzio X2N
Controls: 1 volume
Locking strap buttons w/ strap included