B.C. Rich BICH Special Edition Baritone / Bass VI

$ 830.91

This is a strange one.
The 30″ scale neck feels like an old Teisco Bass VI.
The look is killer and totally metal.
The tone is really dependent on which way you decide to go with the strings:

* Go with a Bass VI string set, and you go one full octave below a guitar’s low E. It won’t be exactly fast or tight sounding, but you can do amazing things with pedals and, depending on where you you hit the string, and whether you use fingers or a pick, you can play both the parts of a guitar or a bass. For people not familiar with Bass VI, this is what the Beatles’ Helter Skelter bass line was played with, but this is also what the theme to James Bond was played with.

* Go with a long-scale baritone set, and you will get a B-tuned guitar fit for heavy riffing. The long neck may not be the best for shredding, but you will get a lot of heft out of this guitar.

The finish is in a really good state, part from 2 dings shown in the photos.

The pickup is a high-gain BC Rich. Nothing to write home about, but it packs enough punch to handle the low end.

It has 24 frets, pretty rare for Bass VI instruments.

This comes from my extensive collection of Bass VI-style instruments. It is fully serviced, the neck is absolutely straight, and the action is very low.

It will be shipped in an Ibanez bass soft case, responsibly packed in a bespoke guitar cardboard box.