B.C. Rich Bich approx. 1984 – trans red (custom made for Tommy Kiefer, Krokus, modified)

$ 8886.79

A very rare piece of an original, neck-through B.C.Rich Bich. The guitar was originally custom made for the guitar player Tommy Kiefer of the Swiss hard rock band Krokus, which achieved some celebrity in the USA and Europe during the 1980s. Under the bridge pick-up you find the original inscription “K.T. for Krokus”, K.T. standing most probably for Kiefer Tommy.

Under the neck pick-up the inscription “BLK DIMP” stands (according to messages by Matti’s Gear Garage and Jon Mankuta) for Black Dimarzio Pickups, which were originally built in the guitar. In the electronics compartment at the back you find the inscription “no booster” which means that the onboard 9v battery-powered booster was deleted during production (thanks Matti again).

As Tommy Kiefer died on Christmas Eve 1986 prematurely and probably never picked up, the guitar was bought by Tommy Vetterli of the Swiss metal band Coroner. He replaced the original pick-ups with EMG pick-ups which went together with disconnecting the additional electronic switches except for the four tone and volume knobs. He additionally removed the Kahler tremolo in favor of a fixed, better sounding bridge with more sustain and replaced the original volume and tone knobs.

I bought the guitar from Tommy Vetterli in the early 2000s and replaced the original saddle with a graphite saddle to play it in a D-drop tuning with heavier E strings.

The Bich has the serial number 88514 which dates the guitar according to bcrich.com and Matti’s Gear Garage between March and July 1984. The guitar features a beautiful firy red translucent varnish. The fret board and head stock veneer are probably – again according to Matti – made of East Indian Rosewood.

The guitar has some minor dents and scratches (see pics). The frets were overhauled just recently by the luthier.