B.C. Rich Beast NJ Series “Mako” 2001-2002 Transparent Blue

$ 450.00

BC Rich NJ Series Beast Transparent Blue With Floyd Rose Made around 2001-2002 era….Made in Korea, Serial Number #21100192

NJ BC Rich guitars from this era were built very well. Action is super low, high quality, great craftsmanship. Jumbo frets all look to be in great condition. Nice smooth fast neck I was going to keep this guitar but wound up buying a few others and decided to sell it…The previous owner had said the only issue to need addressing was there needing to be soldering to the input jack..It however wasnt giving me any problems and worked fine upon plugging it in, electronics all seemed to be working great and as they should when I tested them..Tone knobs both work as well as the toggle switch without any issue.

There is however fret buzz on the 4th and now 3rd string..I believe the culprit is the saddles on the floyd rose (never had a guitar with one so its new to me) The truss rod cover is missing though so perhaps the neck had an issue? But I really dont think thats the issue as the neck was super smooth feeling only having some chips up top on the headstock, seems to be more likely the saddles are acting up in my opinion and I didnt know how to finesse them properly or the floyd rose system needs replacing…

This guitar would be ideal for someone with the know how to properly set up a guitar to eliminate fret buzz issues. Fret buzz can be a pest to correct if you dont know what youre doing, initially it was the 3rd string from top notes 10-23 were dead and I remedied it temporarily by shimmying its saddle piece but after loosening the locks to re-tune those notes went sour again and it somehow caused the 4th string from tops notes to go dead as well from 6th-23rd fret when they were working fine before I attempted the re-tune. If you can have the guitar properly adjusted should be a phenomenal piece to add to your collection. Normally I’d work it through myself but ive found myself with several other guitars and gear to keep me busy.

Of course as is the case with most pointy bc rich guitars there are a number of different chips and gouges to the body however Im impressed that none really made their way to the front surface area being that this guitar is nearing 20 years old, its really a gorgeous guitar. Truth be told it looks like a shark to me with its wavy wood grain, blue paint, and that shark like fin!

The gouges to the paint are mostly along the side rim of the guitar and of course the top and bottom points. Definitely a looker considering the age and nicks in the paint that it does have, several friends have commented on how great looking it is. Also the previous owner had lost or simply not included the whammy bar and the back plate to cover the floyd rose system was not included..

These guitars really are becoming quite hard to find as is this color..these makes have not been in production for years.I almost want to keep it just just have in my collection or to have on display especially as theyre becoming scarcer. But guitars have been coming and going through my hands so this would be better with someone who can really appreciate and use it. Tried to do my best to show every noticeable chip, the sun wasnt working with me when I took these shots so Im going to try to get better ones when it sunnier as these photos really dont do the beauty of this instrument justice.

I try to be flexible and open to reasonable offers on what I sell Guitar will be packaged carefully and tightly for safe shipping, no loose rattling around, well insulated and extra taped thick cardboard box. Guitar as sold as is so place take note of cosmetic damage that exists and to the dead notes and re-set up that may need to be done .