B.C. Rich Beast Made in Japan Neck through

$ 1811.74

Neck Through
EMG pickups
Schaller Made in Germany Floyd rose tremolo
All Black Hardware
Btw, Extremely Rare.

Its looks just like a monster.
Among the intense looks of “BC RICH”, the Japan Monster Series BEAST boasts an evil and radical form!
Equipped with MOB (Monster Black) paint that feels like the skin of a monster, a through neck that boasts a long sustain that improves playability and barks, and an EMG pickup that sounds like a screaming tiger.

Would you like to tame this monster guitar …?

There are some scratches, feels like used, and dullness / rust on the metal parts, but relatively clean impression.

The effect of the truss rod is good, and there is enough room to adjust both the forward warp correction direction and the reverse warp correction direction.
The warp of the neck has been adjusted with the rod, but it is in a state where it rises a little from the joint part. There is no particular problem with the performance.
The frets are little used, but there is still enough left and there is no particular problem with the performance.

[Weight] Approximately 3.74 kg