2008 BC Rich Draco Ghost – Perfect Points No Chips!

$ 1350.00

Up for sale is a 2009 BC Rich Draco Ghost in excellent/near mint condition. The original owner bought it for a wall hanger and never played it (didn’t even know how to play guitar). As a result, this guitar is in excellent condition. No dings, scratches or dents. Perfect points! You just don’t see this condition very often. I would have listed in near mint, except the poles on the pickup are showing some light rust. There are, also, some very, very minor factory imperfections here and there (little marks) that made me feel it should not be listed as Mint.

Plays and sounds great! No issues. Probably has never had a professional set up, but might not need it depending upon your preference. New Ernie Ball Super Slinkys installed. No case included, but this will be packaged well and insured against shipping damage. Offered here at a very low price for one in almost new condition. If you have been looking for one of these, this is the one!