1991 B.C. Rich Mockingbird MG-V MIJ Vintage Series Japan

$ 2952.00

1991 B.C. Rich Mockingbird MG-V MIJ Vintage Series. These were the best of the MIJ B.C. Rich guitars. These are NOT the same as NJ Series. These were the premium MIJ models. Neck through construction. Maple neck-through with mahogany wings and rosewood fretboard. Cloud MOP inlays. Completely refinished in nitrocellulose at MJT in Carthage MO. There are a few small areas near the neck pocket and around backplate where you can see a little of the red that was the original color (see pictures). Leo Quan Badass Bridge. Hand-carved buffalo bone nut. Brand new booster/varitone from Neal Moser Guitars. Neck pickup: Dimarzio DP-151. Bridge: Seymour Duncan SH-16. When MJT refinished the guitar they filled/fixed the dent on the body. You can see where the repair was. They also filled the old tuning peg holes from the previous tuners. I installed brand new Grover Imperials. The only current imperfection is an area on the horn on the back of the guitar where an alternate strap button was. Strap locks included.