1985 B. C. Rich USA ST III Gunslinger in especially Rare Red Crackle Finish! Near Mint Condition!

$ 2999.00

WOW! This is an amazing find! This is a USA made B.C. Rich ST III Gunslinger made in 1985. Finding one of these in any condition is rare, but finding one in near-Mint condition with this amazingly rare finish is astronomical odds. In addition I have another Gunslinger listed in a Blue burst finish as well you can check out in my listings!

This guitar has the amazingly aggressive tone USA B.C. Rich’s are known for. Using top end electronics and hardware, the guitar is equipped with three mini-toggle switches for individual pick-up selection and single volume and tone. This is a must have for B.C. Rich collectors and players. It does not disappoint.

Condition: 9.0 / 10.0 Excellent Condition!

Description to follow:

I have done a full setup on this guitar, including a spot on strobe intonation and a fresh set of D’Addario XL-110 (.420-.010) which give it a deep rich tone and never ending sustain.

Will come safely packed so it will arrive ready to go right out of the box. Please check my feedback and you will be assured the guitars I sell will over deliver, and my customers rave about the set-ups they come with. If you are near me, you can bring it by (or ship it if you wish) anytime for a free check out and tune up.

Please ask any questions you may have. I’m a builder, guitar tech, collector and a player so I hope I can address anything you might ask. Guitars are graded conservatively and described and photographed to the best of my ability, but don’t trust my words, please look at my feedback here and on eBay, and other classified sites for my customers reviews. I pride myself on delivering guitars and performance equipment that exceeds the description in my listings. All my listings are returnable within 3 days of delivery for full refunds.

Thanks for your time looking at this listing, and I hope you check out my shop. I am listing a large number of new guitars and amps in the next few weeks so check back often for new additions.

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