YAMAHA SLG110S Black Metallic (05/22)

$ 535.82

Yamaha silent guitar, steel string specification, SLG110S, made in 2014.

A steel string model of a silent guitar that realizes unprecedented quietness due to the characteristic structure that only the frame does not have a resonance body, and you can enjoy playing without hesitation even at night. When you connect headphones (sold separately), you can get the best sound like playing in a hall, and the preamp is equipped with 2-band EQ Bass / Treble and chorus / echo / reverb functions.

There is some usability such as threads, small scratches, and cloudy parts. The fret vertices have been rubbed at the time of arrival, and the fret mountain has a height that does not cause any problems in playing, and approximately 1.00 mm remains overall. The truss rod can be tightened and loosened, and its operation has been confirmed up to } 90 ‹.

Not only for acoustic players, but also for switching from an electric guitar, it has a comfortable form and maneuverability, and it can be used not only for recording but also for live performance without howling.

Product rank: B : There are some scratches, but there is no problem in normal use
Attached case: Soft case
Accessories: Instruction manual, adapter
Serial number: HKY267902

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