YAMAHA LS26 ARE Natural (05/24)

$ 1963.59

Small BODY, all veneer specifications, Ingleman spruce is used for TOP, and rosewood is used for SIDE / BACK.
TOP material is given a unique “ARE Acoustic Resonance Enhancement treatment”. This realizes a rich sound that has been played for many years! !!
Bracing is a non-scalloped X bracing as before, and with this renewal, the bracing has been lowered and the shape has been changed to a square shape. This makes the intersection of X fit perfectly!
Furthermore, by adding a side brace that connects the brace of the front plate and the back plate, the string vibration will be transmitted to the back plate more reliably!
NECK has a 5-piece structure of mahogany and rosewood, and achieves stronger strength against warping and twisting!
There are small scratches, but at first glance it is in a beautiful state.
The performance condition is good.
Product rank: A: Beautiful item. There are small scratches
Year of manufacture: 2021
Country of manufacture: Japan

Serial number: IHJ013A
Fret remaining: 90% or more
Truss rod: Tightening / There is room in the loosening direction
Neck condition: Good
Case: Hard case / Genuine
Accessories: None

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