Yamaha FG351 1975-78

$ 471.16

YAMAHA FG351 1975-78

This is a dreadnought type guitar directly descended from the FG180 and manufactured for three years from 1975.

The top is made of spruce and the side backs are made of coral rose, rare woods. Each is plywood.

There are few scratches and damages, and it seems that the guitar was originally treated with care and has been cleaned very carefully.

The neck is in good condition and the string height is 2.4mm on the 6th string and 2.0mm on the 1st string, at the 12th fret. It is an easy setting to play. There is also some saddle residue.

An old genuine YAMAHA hard case is included, although it does not appear to be the original one for this unit. The condition of this case is also very good.