Yamaha FG-251 Vintage Steel String

$ 386.48

SKU: 20370

Vintage 70’s Japanese built Yamaha. Sounds and plays great- perfect for any beginner to intermediate player.

guitar is in good condition overall, however it does have a lot of
minor blemishes. It has very visible scratches and marks all over its
body. Despite the numerous markings on this guitar they are all very
minor and are only light surface markings. There is also some
discolouration and splitting on the fretboard bindings. This guitar is
however in fantastic condition structurally. The condition of the heel
joint is perfect, there is only a slight hint of bellying, the condition
of the tuners is amazing. There looks to be almost no visible wear on
the frets. The action at the 12th fret is 3mm. There is no evidence of
any previous repair work. The guitar comes without a bag or case.