Yamaha FG-160E

$ 350.00

Very cool take on John Lennons model the j160e by Gibson. NipponGakki Japan made vintage Yamaha. Don’t see these often but they are well crafted and it has excellent tone. Will need new strings/setup but for old crusty strings still plays and sounds good. No case but will be packed properly. One nick on the dovetail, but no separation, still strong and sturdy, minor scratch or two but nothing that stands out or affects the guitar. All original. Holds tune and Electricals work perfectly with no fuzz. Great player that projects very well even with old strings. Great axe for the coin. Thanks for the consideration. P.s…i will include a new pack of acoustic strings for the buyer if they choose..Some folks are particular about strings and I’d rather not waste them. if you buy it and would like a pack of strings…just message me. thanks.