Yamaha Classical C-150

$ 342.64

SKU: 20369

Spruce top with Rosewood back and sides. Tuners are smooth and frets
are in great shape. Due to the excellent craftsmanship in Japan these
guitars are built insanely well. Sounds awesome due to the high build

1970’s classical guitar is in good condition considering its age. It
has lots of scratches and cosmetic imperfections covering its body. It
has some dents in the neck. Besides the cosmetic issues this guitar is
in great structural condition. The factory glue at the heel has
discoloured, but there is no signs of previous repair. There is some
bellying but nothing too severe and there is no separation from the
bridge. The nut and saddle look to have been replaced at some point. The
action at the 12th fret is 4mm, however the saddle has plenty of room
to come down. The frets have minimal wear on them so fret life will not
be an issue with this guitar. It comes with a soft gig bag.