X20-12 String | Carbon Fiber 12-string acoustic guitar, Ultimate stability and Tone

$ 3772.27

Featuring a light and responsive soundboard and a stable body resistant to temperature, this carbon fiber 12-string X20 stays in tune much better than its wooden counterparts. The X20-12 also features sculpted asymmetrical bevels and a carefully contoured back for ultimate comfort and accessibility. Its unique soundhole position gives powerful full-spectrum projection to the player, as well as to the audience. We’ve used everything that carbon fiber allows us to do to create a guitar that looks and feels as unique as it is.

The 12-string reimagined with the player in mind.

Based on our most popular and most versatile body design, the 12 string version of the X20 is the perfect platform for going beyond 6 strings. With the structural strength and stability provided by carbon fiber, the X20 12 string is the evolution of the standard 12 string guitar.