Vintage Fender Redondo!!!

$ 425.00

I am very unsure if this is just a 80’s-90’s Korean Redondo or something earlier. Serial number to me looks like 5012282 which puts it made in the Samick factory in Korea from 1988-1996, however it does have an “A” at the beginning of that serial number and when I put that in the search it comes up with nothing. I’m pretty sure its 80’s-90’s Korean though. Its in fantastic shape for its age and the bridge is glued down tight with no lifting and I don’t really see much of a belly on it and the action is great in my opinion. I have it strung up with some daddario phosphor bronze medium gauge strings right now and it plays and sounds amazing! I can safely package it by itself with a lot of bubble wrap, or for an extra $20 I can include an amazing padded gig bag with it, just let me know what you would like to do before purchasing. Either way I will fill the shipping box up with plenty of filler so that it does not bounce around and cause damage on the inside of the box. If you have any questions feel free to ask and thanks for looking!