Vintage 1940s P’Mico Collegiate Parlor Guitar Project made by Regal USA

$ 395.00

Vintage 1930s or 40s P’mico Collegiate Parlor Acoustic Guitar w/ two tone case, made by Regal for the Progressive Musical Instrument Corporation in New York. Guitar is in relatively good shape, but will need some restoration work to play well. All the original parts are present, so this should be a fun one to bring back. Features all solid wood construction, most likely birch. 13-1/2″ wide body, 24-3/4″ scale length, standard Regal nut width between 1-13/16″ and 1-7/8″ with original wooden nut. Original logo and label intact, as well as original tailpiece, nice working tuners, floating bridge and endpin. All bracing appears to be intact and frets are in good shape. Body has some deflection and minor warping on top and back, mostly around sound hole. Seams are tight and there are no major cracks. Finish in good shape with plenty of scratches and dings. Neck has minor bow and would benefit from a neck reset. Nice rounded neck profile with painted fretboard with some wear, as pictured. Comes with cool two tone chipboard case that’s in decent condition with rips around the edges and a broken leather hinge and storage compartment. I’ve had a few of these and they sound incredible when fixed up, great raw blues tone from the birch body, similar to an old Stella with a little more character. Happy to answer any questions, packed and shipped with experience you can trust. Thanks for looking!