Valerio Licari Sacromonte II 2016 French polish

$ 3159.38

Offered for sale: Valerio Licari is a rising star in guitar building. Winner and finalist of several guitar building competitions, including finalist of the Antonio Marin Montero competition in Granada. He learned building in Cremona and in Granada with Daniela Chiesa. At the moment Valerio is also a teacher at a guitar building school (San Filippo, Turin). His instruments are now used by big names such as Path Methany.

The name Sacromonte refers to the neighborhood in Granada where the luthier lived until a few years ago. The rosette is inspired by the houses there. This instrument is very convincingly built in the traditional style from Granada (Marin Montero/Bouchet). Spruce top (Italian spruce >25 years old) and Indian rosewood back and sides. Ebony fingerboard. Bridge is from Madagascar rosewood. 12 hole technique, for optimal pressure. Beautiful machine heads with ebony tuners. Completely polished finish. Comes with high-quality leather case, including hygrometer. 65cm man length, 52mm utility width.

The guitar is without repairs or damage, but superficial scratches (nail work) in the polish are visible upon proper inspection. The sound is open and clear. Good sustain and balance across the spectrum. The guitar offers a lot of room for applying timbres. The playability is way above average! Action is low, and could even drop a bit if desired. Multiple sound recordings available. The instrument is located in Hilversum, and can be played there. Insured and professional shipping possible. New price is 4500 euros excluding case. Asking price is 2895 euros including case.

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