Terada W 924 mid -70s – Natural

$ 360.00

This is a 1970s 12 String Acoustic Guitar, that comes with the original hardshell case. This is model W-924 made in Japan under the leadership of H. Terada, who according to the inner label inspected this instrument. It has been in my possession for over 45 years. There a few minor blemishes on the guitar that are hardly noticeable. The action on fret board is very good. The tunings pegs are original and the guitar tunes up well. Peg E2 is tight and needs a little extra to get to the low E. The saddle is adjustable. When prepping the guitar for sale I noticed the bridge had the slightest of lifts. I was able to slide one sticky note about 1/8th of an inch under as seen in slide #12. It does not seem to effect or detract from playability at this time. There are some slight cracks on the little triangle shape piece of plastic on the back side of the guitar as seen in slide 9. This piece seems to serve only a cosmetic function. This is a nice guitar for one who wants to add a 12 string to their collection at a vey reasonable price. Glad to answer any further questions. Will ship for free in the continental United States only. I am including a separate Fishman Neo D single magnetic coil pick up with the sale. It is not part of the guitar. It is in excellent condition and lists for $60 retail.