Taylor W10 with Cedar Top 1998 Natural, 5A Claro walnut with the 910 inlays

$ 2200.00

Beautiful guitar, I took a huge bath on it in an online auction, thinking g it was a 910, since it had the inlays and bridge of the 910. But no, it’s a W10. However, it’s a 1998 W10, with all the same 910 stuff, before they made everything cheaper. The back is AMAZING! It has old strings on it, that’s the only flaw it has. Not a mark on it. Truss works. Clear pickguard on it. I’ll string it up with whatever gauge you want, and put the original tuners back on, they are in the OHSC. See the description in one of the pics, it isn’t your regular W10.

I’m asking more than the avg W10, because it isn’t the avg, it’s well above that.