Taylor Leo Kottke Signature Model LKSM-12

$ 2345.00

This is a Taylor Leo Kottke Signature Model 12 string guitar that I bought at Maple Street Music in Atlanta in 1995 and have owned and played since then.  This guitar is in truly excellent condition.  There is one almost invisible scratch on the head stock near the fourth string tuner, and no marks on the rest of the guitar.  The guitar has a pickup installed, a strap button installed on the heel, an endpin/jack installed,  and has had some setup work, so it is not ‘mint’ in a technical sense.  But, you would be very hard pressed to find any used guitar, especially one of this age, to be in such outstanding condition.  I played this guitar extensively and took the very best care of it that I could.
The guitar has a Fishman pickup installed across the sound hole.  I run it through a Fishman Pro-EQ preamp equalizer before it gets to the amp, and that gives it great sound if you need to plug in.
The guitar finally needed some setup work done and I took it to Joe Meyer at  Joe’s Guitar shop in Saddle Brook NJ for that.  He is an authorized Taylor repairman.  He cut, shaped, and reset the bridge.  He re-cut and shaped the saddle.  He leveled and re-crowned the all of the frets and gave the guitar a full set up.  The paperwork for all of that is included, as well as all of the original paperwork from the Maple Street shop and also the truss rod adjustment tool that came with the guitar.

The guitar has always been strung with the specified gauge strings.  Taylor used to make a set specifically for the LKSM, but they are not available any more.  I have included the paperwork for the original string specs, and I have included an extra full  set of phosphor bronze strings in those exact gauges (plus a few extra .013 and .017’s….they’re always the most likely to break!).  With the specified strings, the guitar is tuned 3 half-steps below standard to C#, and that is the key to the guitar’s amazing sound.  I use alternate tunings in G, D, and C extensively (also 3 half-steps below standard), and in my opinion it is in those tunings that the guitar truly sounds and plays the best. 

PLEASE NOTE:  This guitar does NOT come with a case.
The original case was decorated by an artist in Miami (and just might be worth more than the guitar itself!) and now adorns the wall of my music room.  If you must put this guitar in a case, there are many of varying quality that will fill the bill starting around 100 dollars.  Just make sure it will accommodate the 17″ lower bout and 43″ overall length of this jumbo.  But, this guitar is a work of art unto itself and in my opinion would be best if displayed on a stand in a humidity controlled environment.  I guarantee it will be the focal point of the room.

The shipping is free anywhere in the Continental U.S., and it will ship well-protected and fully insured in a double box to arrive safely at its destination.
A comment on the pricing:  I know this guitar is priced below market value, and that is intentional.  Any guitar is a personal thing, but especially so a 12 string.  The setup for a player’s style….fingerstyle, slide, strumming…all very individual considerations.  This guitar is set up just how I like it:  high enough for good slide work and not too high for ordinary fretting.  But, you might need to tweak the setup to suit your style and preferences.  From one player to another:  use the price “cushion” to make this guitar perfect for you with a visit to your local setup pro if need be for your tastes.  This guitar is priced to sell and be played!

Best to all, and thank you for considering this guitar.